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Ignitor M1 Motorcycle Alarm
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PRICE: $198 - No Longer Available Online



The Original 'vanilla flavoured' Motorcycle Alarm System when simplicity counts.

With only 2-wires to connect and no key fobs, the Ignitor M1 boasts an ultra low current consumption of 0.55mA when armed (about 1/10 that of other systems).

The Ignitor M1 employs a gold plated omni-directional roller ball sensor for the detection of movement allowing you to mount the M1 on any angle, anywhere. Featuring a dual stage alarm powered by intelligent Baseline Microchip technology and fully encased in a durable, single compact unit (62 x 86 x 56mm), it weighs in at just 160gms.

The Ignitor M1 is proudly designed and manufactured here in Sydney, Australia.

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  • To Arm, simply switch the ignition off.  A 30 second snub period allows time for the rider to dismount the bike and remove the ignition key.
  • To Disarm, switch the ignition off twice.  A short chirp acknowledges the disarmed state.  In this mode, the Ignitor® M2 is still powered, but disabled. The disarmed state is useful for refueling, maintenance or simply taking in the view.
  • Warning Chirps sound on initial detection of movement. A few short chirps followed by an 8 second snub period allows would be thieves to move away from the bike and find another target. They also serve to minimise accidental alarms caused by pets or local fauna.
  • The Alarm activates if movement persists. The alarm sounds for 30 seconds, very loud! Should any thief be stupid enough to continue, they will soon find themselves the centre of attention. To comply with local councils noise pollution legislation, the M1 shuts down after 3 successive alarms, unless re-activated by the ignition key.
  • To Silence, simply switch ignition on.  Tranquility and peace of mind return.

Download Ignitor M1 Installation and User Manual


Hi Guys - well, I fitted and photographed the alarm fitment for the R1.  Guess what - it took 14 minutes all up! Unreal product. Really, everyone needs one and needs to know about this  and how easy it is to fit. 
Jeff Ware Editor/Publisher Rapid Bikes Magazine

Thank you, your alarm system works a treat, the second installation (ZRX1200R) only took about twenty minutes.
Chris VIC

I've fitted them to my FJR, my sons GSX and a friends ZZR600.  They work a treat and it is very reassuring to know that our toys have that level of protection.
Keith Stewart NSW

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